Trees and Shrubs:

Trees and shrubs add texture, dimension and visual interest to your landscape.  A planting along your property line can provide privacy; proper placement can provide much needed shade to an outdoor living space.  Perhaps you already have ideas of what types of trees and shrubs you want to see in your landscape.  Or, maybe you prefer we provide you with some ideas and recommendations.  Muir Bros works closely with local nurseries to find the best selection of trees and shrubs for you and your property (or to get exactly what you want, if you already have a firm concept).


New Lawns:

Lawns that are over 50% damaged by weeds should be replaced.  Topsoil is a large factor in the health of your lawn.  When approached with a potential new lawn installation, Muir Bros. starts by assessing the condition of your topsoil, and from there decides which method of installation will be most effective to produce a beautiful new lawn. The three techniques for planting lawn are hydro-seed, sod or seed lawn.

  • Hydro-Seed – Hydro seed is a mixture of grass seed, water, fertilizer and fiber mulch which is sprayed onto a prepared lawn area.  After application of hydro-seed, the wet fiber mulch binds with the soil and helps to provide added moisture and nutrients to the seeds.  The mulch also protects the seeds from sunlight, erosion and wind.  New grass growth is seen about one week after application.
  • Sod – Sod is mature grass that includes the roots and the soil in which the roots are embedded.   Sod typically comes in rolls or large squares that are then placed on prepared ground.  Sod can be used to install an entire lawn or replace a part of the lawn where the grass has died.
  • Seed Lawn – In the seed method, grass seed is applied to prepared soil.  Seed lawns are less expensive than sod or hydro-seeding, and the homeowner can choose from various grass seeds and mixtures.  Seed lawns do require ongoing care to ensure proper growth, and results take time.  But, given the right growing conditions, seed lawns tend to be more durable due to the deep root systems that develop.

Annual and Perennial Flowers and Flower Bulbs:

Flowers add seasonal color to your landscape, whether planted in garden beds or your favorite planter.

Annual flowers live and bloom for one growing season.  They are a great way to add strategic pops of color that will last from late spring to early fall.  Popular annual flowers include petunias, marigolds, zinnias and impatiens.

Perennial flowers come back year after year.   Most perennials have a relatively short blooming season, but combining several different kinds in your garden will bring season-long color.  Some of the most popular perennials include daylilies, hosta, peonies and garden mums.

Muir Bros will work with you to create a beautiful garden.  We can select an assortment of annuals and/or perennials for you and install them in your flower beds.  Or, you can choose to select the flowers yourself, and we will install them for you!  Muir Bros also offers a bulb planting service.

Other Installation Services:

Muir Bros Landscaping specializes in landscape design and landscape installation, including not just the plants and grass, but also landscape construction, and masonry.  Common hardscape installation projects include brick or stone landscape features such as retaining walls, stone work, patios, walkways, masonry steps, and masonry stairs.  We commonly serve the areas of Needham, Westwood, Dover, Walpole, Wellesely, Medfield.