Weekly mowings are recommended for optimal lawn health and appearance.  In rare circumstances, however – as in a period of drought or extremely hot temperatures – bi-weekly mowings are more appropriate.  The frequency of this service is always discussed with the customer prior to adjustment.  Muir Bros. standard lawn mowing service also includes:
removal of all lawn debris and grass clippings
edge trimming
clean off driveways,walkways, patios and decks.

Fall Cleanup:
Proper fall yard maintenance lowers the risk of plant diseases the following spring.  Clearing the lawn ensures your grass won’t smother under the weight of fallen leaves.  Fall clean up is best done in two phases.  The first clean up is to be done once the leaves start falling, and the second, when all leaves have fallen.  During the fall clean up, Muir bros. removes all leaves from your property and disposes of them in a composted area.  Use of large commercial machines allows Muir Bros. to do a thorough cleaning of your property.

Spring Cleanup:
Harsh New England winters can really take a toll on your lawn – the ground has been frozen, the grass hidden under snow.  A spring clean up is essential in preparing and rejuvenating your lawn for the warmer months to come.  During a spring cleanup, Muir Bros will remove winter debris from your property (leaves left over from last fall, fallen branches, rocks, etc).  Grassy areas are then gone over with a thatcher or power rake to loosen compacted soil and untangle matted patches of grass to allow water, air and fertilizer to get down to the grass plant’s root structure.  Bed areas are also cleared of debris and edged to reinstate “tidy” appearance, create definition between flower/shrub beds and grass areas, and prepare for installation of new bark mulch.

Tree and Shrub Pruning:
Pruning your trees and shrubs not only eliminates branches that have grown astray, but also removes dead or diseased portions that, if left untended, could harm the entire plant.  Pruning promotes healthy growth, and maintains the size and shape of your trees and shrubs, keeping them attractive and resilient.

Bark Mulch:
Bark Mulch is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but, with proper installation, helps to maintain moisture for shrubs, trees, and flowers.  Muir Bros offers endless color and type options for mulch and consistently seeks the lowest cost from suppliers by buying bulk quantities to maintain reasonable prices for our customers.  Muir Bros also installs playground wood chips, which provide a soft landing area around playgrounds and swingsets.

Monthly Weeding:
Weeds can quickly take over garden bed areas, leaving them looking messy and taking away from the beauty of your plants. Muir Bros will remove weeds from garden bed areas, keeping these areas looking crisp and fresh.