“Muir Bros has provided us with landscaping and snowplow services for many years. They are dependable, responsive to special requests and offer quality service at a reasonable price. They always do what they say and usually go above and beyond. I recommend them without hesitation.”
Alan B., Needham, MA

“Muir Bros does an excellent job on a consistent basis.  After trying out several landscapers, Muir Bros is the best!”
Emily H., Needham MA

“I have had the pleasure of using Muir Bros Landscaping on my property for many years now.  They have not only been extremely professional in their work but M.B. employees are always quite courteous, very polite and always seem to complete their work with a smile on their face.  I have been extremely pleased with all of the landscaping and plowing work and would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his company to anyone.”
Robert R., Walpole, MA

“Mike and his team do a great job with all my landscaping needs.  They are professional, courteous and diligent.  The lawn always looks great after they leave.”
Kurt & Julie S., Needham, MA

“I started with Muir Brothers by having my lawn mowed.  I was pleased with the crew, their energy, their careful work and the reasonable price.  The next year, I engaged them to do a fall and spring clean-up with additional mulch every other year.  Then this winter while I was traveling I hired them to clear my driveway.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of mounds of snow in my driveway when I returned the 3rd of March.  As I expected they performed another good job meeting my expectations.”
Roger M., Needham, MA

“I have been using Muir Bros landscaping for a number of years primarily for landscaping and sometimes for snowplowing.  I find the team headed by Michael Muir to be reliable, polite, accommodating and skilled.  They are willing to do whatever we want whenever we want it and they do it really well.  I never have to call twice for any requests.  It’s a pleasure to have them for our service!”
Ruby I., Needham, MA

“Michael Muir has done my landscaping and snowplowing for many years.  When I was working, my driveway was always plowed by 6:30am.  My yard work is done professionally in every way.  Michael (and co.) can be relied upon to come on schedule.  The extra services they offer (that I use – pruning, bark mulching) are done as requested and most satisfactorily.  I will continue to use Muir Bros.”
Isabel L. N., Needham, MA


“Muir Bros is a most reliable lawn company.  We have enjoyed Mike’s landscaping care for many years.  He and his workmen are very conscientious.  The biggest complement is when people stop by and tell me how beautiful the lawn looks!!”
Nina C., Needham, MA

“Having been a recipient of consistently great service for several years now from Muir Bros Landscaping, it is my pleasure to recommend – without hesitation – Michael and his crew.  They are an experienced, reliable, most accommodating, hard working and pleasant team of workers to have around!”
Jeanette G., Needham, MA

“Muir Bros has always kept our lawn (winter, summer, spring and fall) in great condition.  They are always available when you need added services!”
Teri M., Needham, MA

“Winter – snowplowing; Summer – yard work; Spring and Fall – cleanups.  Great service for all seasons!”
G. Robert M., Needham, MA

“I highly recommend Muir Bros. Landscaping for all your outdoor needs.  They are a family company providing great work at a great price.  They are the best around.”
K. M., Needham, MA

“We have a driveway that is short, steep, and on the curve of a busy street.  In the past, some snowplow drivers have said no when they saw the job.  Muir Bros. has been plowing us out reliably and well for years.  They provide peace of mind for us during the bad weather.  They also mulch, mow, and tree-trim well, but it’s their snowplowing that we’re most grateful for.”
Joanna R. & Jim F., Needham, MA

“Excellent service, very reliable.”
Robert C., Dover, MA

“Dependable response to requests to do regular and additional work.  I have been very pleased with Michael and Muir Bros and the work they do taking care of my grounds.”
Fred S., Needham, MA

“Michael Muir has been tending to my yard and landscaping needs for many years.  He consistently does a great job, is pro-active in keeping on top of what needs to be done, and has a great list of resources for any type of related service needed. My yard always looks neat and cared for, and I never have to worry about it.  Highly recommend.”
Catharine S., Needham, MA

“Mike Muir of Muir Bros. Landscaping is a hardworking guy with respectful and just as hardworking employees.  No matter the task, winter, spring, summer or fall, they are there ready to work.”
Melissa H., Pinewood Developments & Associates, Inc. , Needham, MA

“Muir Bros. is always there when you call them.  Very focused on customer service and giving customers what they need.”
David S., Needham, Massachusetts

“We’ve been very satisfied Muir Bros. Customers for several years.  Whether it’s snow plowing or lawn services, we know the work will be done on time and with care.”
Mary M., Needham, Massachusetts

“I have used Muir Bros. Landscape service since 2004.  The service they provide me fit my needs to a “T”.  They do my fall clean-up and summer lawn care with no complaints.”
Steven B., Newton, Massachusetts

“Mike and his team always make our property look amazing.  They know exactly what it takes to create a property you are proud of.  They are prompt and very courteous.  You can’t miss with the Muir Bros. Team!”
Jonathan F., Needham, Massachusetts